Spellbound's Maine Coon

Spellbound's is a hobbybreeder of Maine Coon cats, situated outside Oslo in Norway.

The Maine Coon cat is a big, feral and extreme looking cat with a gentle temper. Many are fascinated by these lovely animals, and it is now a very popular breed of cats.

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Spellbounds Abe

Kittens for sale

We ocasionally have kittens for sale.

Contact us for more info :)

Some Spellbound cats:


Spellbound's Because I said so

Spellbound's Ditch
MCO ns 22

Sppelbounds DIMA
Spellbound's Dima
MCO a 22

Spellbounds Breaking Dawn
Spellbound's Breaking Dawn
MCO ds 11

Spellbound's Cici,

Spellbound's Delight Blue, MCO as

Spellbound's Garfield MCO n 23

Spellbound's Weisor JW 13 BEST IN SHOW!

Spellbounds Weisor JW

We are so happy and proud to present
(N) Spellbound's Weisor JW
He has 13 BEST IN SHOW as youngster!!

This super boy lives with Cathrin Møllerop :)