-Maine Coon Cats-


About Maine Coons

The Maine Coon is a big cat, well known for its distinctive physical appearance, their intelligence and their lovely, mild temper.

Their exact origins are unknown, but many theories have been proposed.

The maine coons can be seen in all colors, but some patterns are unaccepted by breed standards.

Temper and habits

The Maine coon is known for its good and steady temper, and is often called the "gentle giant". It is kind, patient, very social and likes to stay close to humans. The Maine Coons are generally not known for beeing a "lap cat", but there are many exeptions. They are loyal to their family, playful, independant and not clingy. Their gentle disposition makes them relaxed around dogs, other cats and children. They are above averige intelligent, and can be tought a lot of things if you spend some time teaching them. They are attentive and willing to learn.

Maine coons are known for their charming sounds. They don't sound like "regular cats"; their "language" is surprisingly mild and soft for their size and wild looks. They make themselves understood by making different sounds for different situations.

Maine coon cats love playing with water; they are world champions in spilling it. Thus a heavy and steady water bowl with a tray underneath is recommended. Some theorize that this personality trait comes from their ancestors who lived aboard ships most of their life.


Size and appearance

Maine coons are the largest breed of domestic cats, with a rectangular body shape, a broad chest and a solid and muscular body. They are slow to physically mature, and their full potential size is normally not reached until they are three to four years old. The female Maine coons usually weighs 4-6 kilos, while the male weighs 6-8 kilos. However it is not unkommon for Maine coons to weigh considerably more.

The breed is very well adapted for survival in harsh winter climates. Their large paws helps walking on snow, long tufts of hair between their toes give further aid walking on snow and helps to keep warm. They have heavily furred ears with extra long tufts of fur growing from inside to keep their ears warm. The long, bushy, racoon-like tail can be curled around their face for even more protection against the cold.

The Maine coon is a medium-haired cat with a soft and silky texture which is mostly self-maintaining. The most common color is brown/black tabby, but you find them in very many colors and patterns.


Parts of this text is based on information from Maine Coon Lovers and Breeders and Wikipedia.